Our Philosophy and Operational Policy

To maintain an effective wholesale supply of quality medicines
and related medical products to ensure safety and efficacy
in the delivery of treatments by qualified practitioners.

About Us


Centre for Advanced Medicine Limited (CAML) was established in 1997, with the aim of building on the clinical and wholesale operations of the company Chelation Therapy Clinic, originally formed in 1981. The transitioning of many of the same staff across the companies has allowed CAML to build on their decades of experience in the medical industry and to maintain a key role in the Nutritional and Environmental Medicine sector both locally and Internationally for over two decades.

The medical products offered by the company:

  • have been proven to be safe and effective with over 25 years of widespread, international use; and
  • are based on scientific understanding developed, and which continues to develop, within the Centre; and
  • are non-proprietary medicines.

The operational philosophy is designed to ensure that practitioners and their patients receive safe and effective wholesale medicines.